It’s a very pleasant feeling in the springtime. The first few days when the sun is shining. You start to notice the birds chirping in the morning as you drink your cup of coffee. The grass will be growing soon and the flowers will bloom. But how do the yard and gardens look? Most likely you have some leaves and sticks around from the winter. Maybe they came from a neighbor who did not clean up their yard last fall. This is a great time to have us come and get things off to a good, clean start. 

In the fall we all know the mess is coming. You can easily picture this, can’t you? The leaves and sticks falling. The windy days with them blowing around the street and the yard. And it’s also easy to remember how much work it is. The raking. The blowing. The bagging! But if you know that someone has got it covered for you, there is no need to worry. We have a meticulous system in place and our employees are well trained to do a thorough job no matter the conditions.

What is typically done with a spring or fall cleaning?

  • In the flower beds, the perennials such as hostas and hydrangeas are carefully cut down in preparation for the winter. 
  • All sticks, leaves, and garbage are cleaned up out of the gardens. 
  • The lawn is cleaned thoroughly of all sticks, woodchips, and other debris.
  • Pet Waste is cleaned up and a lawn cut is performed. 

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